bad killer bunnies

Welcome to

D’Ks Meta-Jungle Evolution: Bad Killer Bunnies

Bad Killer Bunnies are a hand drawn, evolving, meta simulations,

living on the Ethereum blockchain till the end of time.

Who is D’K?

‍I’m an authentic Metasaur & Cryptodad from the respectable divisions of community with a

vision for a Meta-Fusion like no other.

Bringing in real life features and online features

more and more together.

The mad wizard and scientist who created the

idea for our

genetically engineered 1,111 unique BKB’s. But you

can call me Killer Killer Bunny. There’s a war

ongoing in the Metaverse, and deep in the Jungle…fearing not even the headlights of an

oncoming battalion truck..
Bad Killer Bunnies

are preparing their arsenal! The Jungle is of course inhabited with companions!

#Metasaurs #Cryptodads How did

I create the Bad Killer Bunnies? See below.

What are Bad Killer Bunnies?

D’Ks Meta Evo-experiment to create Bunnies And Rabbits,

living on the Ethereum blockchain, until the end of time.

Cryptdad/man is a well-known inhabitant he has always been a classy and majestic inhabitant

‍Metasaurs – Are the Kings of the Metaverse. Bad Killer Bunnies -Are

the apex evolution and dominating

hunters of the Metaverse Jungle.

Buy your BAD


on OpenSea


Bad Killer Bunnies are computer generated by D’k in The Lab from 300+

hand drawn traits, each Bunny consists of between 4-7

combined traits, of various rarities.

The possibilities are infinite in potential and endless in life span! Killer Blockchain Bunnies!

The Roadmap

Each Bad Killer Bunny comes with the key privilege of first access to future evolutions,

combinations, species and 3D take’s of BKB’s.

You will receive usable in real life perks. Related to other entertainment industries thanks to our

influencers and partners. Access to the The BKB Treehouse,

where you can hang out forever with our family of

Bad Killer Bunnies. Selected Airdrops.

And More.

December 11th 2021 5.30pm utc


December 12th 2021 6.30 pm utc

(public sale)

Metasaurs Whitelist Members Mint

(2 per member)

Cryptodad Mint (3 per member)

General Whitelist Mint (1 per member)

*75 randomly generated Bad Killer Bunnies are being reserved for marketing efforts and the team. ‍

– 0%

It’s launch day! 1,111 Bad Killer Bunnies will be released into the wild on the ETH blockchain via our Bad Killer Bunny website!


For our highest OG adopters we will be hosting multiple crypto/physical item giveaways! We are all about giving back to our supporters, and want to make sure our community is taken care of!



We will be doing an AMA as well as donating $25,000 to help save, feed and home rabbits and bunnies all over. This will be one of many donations to come from our community wallet. The charity will be chosen by the community before launch.


Once 75% of Bad Killer Bunnies are minted, we will immediately start working on merch (clothes, items and toys). A cut of proceeds from merchandise sales will be pumped into our community wallet and gaming development.

Every other merchandise release there after will be reserved for exclusively only for Bad Killer Bunny members. We will have a portion being given away to BKB owners for FREE!

In addition, we will pump expansion of our community and begin to work with some Rabbit and Bunny friends (collaborations with your favorite projects and artists). – 1 ETH GIVEAWAY RAFFLE FOR HOLDERS!


Rabbits, Bunnies? Bunnies, Rabbits? – BREEDING! At 90% mint we will begin immediately for our design of our NFT FAMILY TREE and BREEDING! Adopting a tinder breeding method! Raising the value of your NFT’s Our team will exert everything required to show the Family Tree relations of each and every Bad Killer Bunny! (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Cousin Etc)

We will begin development of a Launch Pad economy utilising $CRT TOKENS which will have an endless possibility of uses integrated. Some uses more dire than other luxuries!

100% (The best part!)

After all BKB characters have been minted, the team will celebrate with several massive multi ETH and MERCH giveaways both in our Discord server and on social media, and finalize our collection’s listings on various marketplaces to ensure a safe and secure process for trading amongst BKB owners.


Gaming development will go live into action. We will have live streaming sessions for sneak peek reveals and more. Early airdrop of $CRT Tokens which will go towards in game upgrades, abilities, exp boosts.

We will have Music and Animations being curated for our BKB’s!

Honorary Bad Killer Bunny Influencers will come on board!

We will host a live (in real life) BAD KILLER BUNNY PARTY somewhere (destination voted on by the BKB family) ! Live streamed on YouTube for everybody of course!


Finally, last but not least, we will be giving away an additional FREE 3D BAD KILLER BUNNY NFT to every single Bad Killer Bunny Holder with 3 BKBs! We are doing this to help the community in solidarity of Diamond Hands! And further demonstration of us giving back to our passionate community devotees. There will also be other incentives to hodl and collect your killer bunnies Eg: Passive earning, Staking P2E, etc.

PHASE 2. December 25th

Fair Distribution

No bonding curves, all 1,111 BAD KILLER BUNNIES cost 0.08 ETH & 0.06ETH to mint., and

will be revealed once 100% of minting is complete.

Efficient Minting

Our smart contract is optimized to reduce transaction failure,

and save you in gas fees.

bad killer bunnies is committed to our community and on-going expansion

of the The Lab and the bad killer bunnies Metaverse.

We support inclusion, diversity, and community oriented expansion

based on your input. Please join our Discord today

and become a BAD KILLER BUNNIES.

Join our Discord group for

giveaways, updates, and to join

the BAD KILLER BUNNIES community.

Public Sale Begins

DECEMBER 2nd 2021 (6:30pm utc )

The Team


The mad scientist behind the Meta Bad Killer Bunnies.
Business Director of two other companies for 10 years+. Vivid NFT lover and collector.

Rizzy- The Artist and Creator

The soul and heart-beat of the Meta Bad Killer Bunnies. An Artist of 8years+ gracefully giving every bunny their uniqueness and arms for combat!

MORGAN THE FLUFFY – The Block-age Lead Engineer

Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Solidity, and Bad Killer Bunnies are his breakfast and dinner.


He is all over discord surprising and delighting the entire metaverse family, aiding and ensuring our infinite survival.
Also the Manager of our social pages! If you’ve interacted with us via Tik Tok, Reddit, Instagram! Thank Thumper! Discord community and business star. 

HYPE GOD – The Front End Web Dev

She is our HTML, CSS, and making everything better Queen!
On a throne hidden somewhere deep in the Jungle!

BOOSTERS- The Community Manager

Putting the hop, bounce and rocket fuel in our Bad Killer Bunnies Community! You’ll always see him around in diligence.
Discord community star.

TOP – Discord Community Builder

Our star bunny pumping in and around the Jungle paths with his laughs. This valiant bunny is always around to guide and aid whatever the weather with spring in his step! Discord community star.


She is all over discord surprising and delighting the entire metaverse family, aiding and ensuring our infinite survival.
A true cream of the crop in the NFT world and we are lucky to have her on board! Providing a constant fusion of fires you can count on Yang being a wonder bunny. Discord community and business star.