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The VERY first known drinking game created with complex rules was invented by Yale students in the 1940s and was called “Tang.” It was in teams of ten men and eight women would compete by lining up along opposite sides of a long table taking turns to risk activities.

In a new world of Metaverse and flash’s of ‘quarantine‘ what if you could be part of the fun and party all from your bedroom?! What if all the freaks and beer heads had a place to bounce off the walls every weekend, every day!?

It’s 2022 and the people of earth need a NEW game. Some NEW excitement. Something FRESH and something BOLD!
McLearys Ultimate Drinking Game X-RATED! 
(created by Teiyaih McLeary’s, developed by B.A.G)!
The first ever Social Network Drinking Game compact for Online: Android, IOS, Web & Metaverse Multiplayer!

Played according to rules similar of Monopoly. Players roll the dice and proceed around the board in set rotation, pattern and paths. Each place on the map determining a to do action or quantity of (alcohol) shots to be consumed! With a space for 

6 players per lobby and a bunch of amazing in game features! Perfect for gatherings at parties on tablets or from your own space! (18+)

Introduced through a stunning and charming UI upon loading. Players decide their username and that’s it! You’re ready to play! Our cross play amongst all  devices allows players to network with all types of different people from across different regions in live and real time!

Scroll down and take a closer look at our game board below in action! (coming soon!)

The core purpose of ‘ The Ultimate Drinking Game’  is to get down large volumes of alcohol in a short space of time with friendly intoxication as the end goal. Or in a lightweight situation, to get across the board trying to get the lowest amount of drink in you 😉 hahaha!

Imagine an online server space in the metaverse where players may further interact and deeper connect creating priceless memories! Being able to utalise and play with your favorite avatar in a numerous of new and different ways. Incorporating usage of a token eventually will allow us to turn on a play to earn system as well! Turning the party up, up, up!

McLeary’s is the first all inclusive and interactive 18+ drinking game available today. Unparrelled by other drinking games available on the net or app stores in our modern times. (Available for Mac, Windows, Android, IOS & Web Play).

Activities such as: Truth or Dare, Shots, Strip Teases, Sharing Photo’s and even Drunk Calls To Bae are all inclusive tasks of the experience. Anything can happen all by the roll of the dice! Are you feeling lucky? Then hurry now!

Mint members are granted usage rights to the board game & design legal patent. Meaning you can utilise the board and avatars in any promotional activities you like. Even customising the board and creating fan remakes / derivatives.

Each mint is also a ticket for a mystery chest that will unlock ‘massive mystery of upgrades’ to your gaming experience!

How do you get on the guestlist? Simple! Join our discord and show us your beer mugs! A 5,555 Collection of early access players! Bad Killer Bunny minters are guaranteed FREE: whitelist, mint & physical copy of the game to own.

(coming soon!)



Though the timeline is early, ever since the release of NFT’s and play to earn games. Giant corporations have been short handing their communities in agony with “low quality” and in comparison to margin dreams offered…’cheap’ games. Despite their words of promise, many have failed to deliver a truely different and exciting experience for their communities 6+ months down the line. – The average drinking game existing even till now has been less than average, with some sites allowing you to only flip a card and do an action.

For the first time ever The McLeary’s Ultimate Drinking Game provides, spark, excitement, experience and connection via a players personal pleasure like no other. A true lights, camera’s, action! & Everyone Drinks!

Pre-selling already in the psychical & sporting in action “X-RATED’ is the second board to the ‘Ultimate Drinking Game’ collection. Told by title this is an (18+) version of the game and should be handled responsibly by adults. This is the virtual version available currently by collection. 

The 555 X-RATED NFT Collection will be available to mint: April/May 2022.

More information available via Mc’Clearys & BKB social outlets & discord. 

Mint price for Game, P2E character & Mystery chest: 0.07ETH. BKB minters will get a McLeary’s meta mystery chest free. (April 1st 2022).

We will be donating 4ETH / $10,000+ raised from mint to a charity cause. Unfortunately Teiyaihs father died and passed due to a unforeseeen surprise brain haemorrhage 4 years ago. Just after she had managed to bring the start of her dreams to a world of reality. It plays a big part our over all journey. McLeary’s & BAG are extremely family devoted and supportive. There are NOT many charities existing that donate to bereaved young people. Either with children or still growing we understand the needs to lay serious foundations for not only our own generations, but the future generations to persevere, survive, and ultimately achieve their own dreams. 

McLeary’s NFT project will be donating a percentage of proceeds to “Winstons Wish –”.
They support young children after the loss of a single parent or both.

“I’d very much like for some ultimate good to generate from everybody’s having fun. As us smiling together, connecting, even flirting and just creating memories in this life, means everything. We’ve really tried our best, on that note, drink responsibly everybody.” 

Fast track providing gaming and metaverse lovers a lifetime guarantee of authentic and certified interaction HERE TODAY!


Game play PREVIEW coming soon!!! – Cheers! 
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